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“Instaglider is an innovative, natural and precision formulated beard oil developed through a deep and scientific understanding of the natural molecular components of nature. It is an attested and clinically tested beard tonic and oil, designed for all types and stages of beard development to reduce irritation, increase the tensile strength, thickness, density, softness and preserve and nourish your lions mane. It is infused with bioactive phytomolecules, nutrient-rich botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and featuring a powerful formulation of ingredients. You are here because you are obsessed with the idea of a natural, healthy, charismatic, strong, groomed and a beautiful and commanding beard.

Instaglider’s innovative formula activates and rejuvenates the dormant beard follicle germ tissue with all natural unique nutrient-rich ingredients, stimulating development and protection of every precious beard fibre from the base to the tip. Your beard will get longer, thicker, and fuller and with a manly and conditioned shine!”


“Our pursuit began! And is being led by Instagliders’s brilliant biochemist scientists and naturalists with the same shared vision, heart and passion for a formula that is evolutionary for beard conditioning and protection. After months of research and using proprietary cutting-edge scientifically advanced technology to extract optimised bioactive phytomolecules, natural rich botanicals and powerful ingredients, then precision combining them in what would become a naturally advanced and evolved formula with an ultra optimised viscosity*, a breakthrough occurred and Instagliders unique formula was born."

*Viscosity is how runny or clumpy/thick the formulation is. Too runny and it will not be effective in locking in nutrients and too thick will cause issues with greasiness and damage hair fibres and roots during combing and brushing.


You are looking for a natural, irritation free, thick, well conditioned, softer, full, healthy and a commanding looking beard regardless of your skin or hair type or density, but dissatisfied with products offered by the grooming brands with under-performing results and side effects from the two solutions currently offered by the beauty and cosmetics industry. We created an evolutionary formula and commissioned a clinical study to prove our results. Formulated from natural and plant based technologies and Instaglider is chemical free, carcinogen free, synthetic free, and free of any other harmful side effects. SOFTER, THICKER, LONGER, FULLER beard!


“Instaglider beard oil is about beard evolution, not just a beauty brand, with an entirely new approach and an optimised and advanced precision formula designed to deeply condition and rejuvenate the spirit and pure charisma of your natural beard. Through an intensive study by some of the most cutting-edge hair and skin pioneers, an entirely different approach has developed, one that helps your beard restore the natural sheen they use to produce your hair follicles and naturally preserve the strength of each fiber with the aid of the Instaglider’s unique naturally advanced innovative formula.”

In our clinical study, Instaglider performed miraculously. Our studies show that some began to see incredible results as early as 1-5 days in terms of softness and irritation alleviation, and some have to use it for 6-10 weeks to start seeing incredible beard density results, (we had some Instaglider’s with dramatic results in only one week), our users reported Softer, Irritation Free, Healthier, thicker and longer beards with full glory, without discoloration of hairs, irritation or any other side effects. And now we are delighted to bring these awesome results to you.


Instaglider beard oil is an advanced, innovative and precision formulated blend with a combination of bioactive phytomolecules and natural rich botanicals that positively and naturally soften, influence and restore the blood circulation at the epidermal root level to boost communication channels between your epidermis and your beard follicles. The epidermal layer is key and can ensure profound natural nutrient signals are not blocked to the beard follicles. The longer your beard follicles receive these nutrients, the more time they have to grow, volumize, and improve flexibility, moisture, and shine. The more active follicles you have, the more thick, long, full and healthy beard you will have.



Follow the exact directions below for maximum results

PRIME – When in the shower scrub your Beard/Stubble/Moustache with a natural scrub or loofa to remove dead skin cells. Do not use any chemical based shampoo at all. Then dry your beard using a towel. Ensure that your beard is still damp but not paper dry. Your skin and hair love moisture and our Soft Residue Formulation helps to lock this natural hydration.

MASSAGE – Using the unique precision dropper you have complete control to use as many or as few drops as you want depending on the stubble/beard stage and density of your facial hair and to control the amount of active soft residue. Place the drops in your palm and then rub through to your fingertips and gently massage into your hair roots and work outwards. Remember that this is also a skin moisturiser.

RESULTS – The Soft Residue formulation is designed to absorb, lock moisture and gently shield your hair fibres and moisturise your skin to leave it soft and supple. The tensile strength would have been increased instantly and your facial hair defended.

FREQUENCY: Once per day after showering is the recommended frequency of usage.

PRE-RULES: Do not wash your beard with aggressive chemicals/shampoos all the time, do not comb your beard when it is dry or wet, only comb/brush your beard when it has been massaged with Instaglider beard oil. This ensures that the comb/brush glides through your beard and untangles all the tangled hair without injuring your hair fibres follicles and roots.



INSTAGLIDER has a 100% customer satisfaction policy. We take our customer service very seriously and value your feedback with top priority, and wish each and every customer to be happy with their purchase, and basically, that is why we exist, we are not here for profit we are here to make a difference and bring real-life solutions to your dis-satisfactions. We’re so confident that you’ll love our products, that we will issue you a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results within 60 days of the purchase date.