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Currently we have three Super Cool E-Books that we are giving away to all our fans and community as a complimentary & valuable gift! 

E-Book 1: "A Gift to Those Who Contemplate The Marvels Of Beards" With a Special Section on "The Art Of Beard Grooming"

E-Book 2: "A Gift to Those Who Contemplate The Wonders Of Straight Razors" contains a Special Section on "The Simple Art Of Using a Straight Razor"

E-Book 3: “The Ultimate Guide On How To Shave Your Pubic Area” Has Never Been Seen Before! We are sure you’ll find it an Eye Opener and you can gain a tip or two. We Guarantee that Once You Read This It Will Change Your Life Forever!!


We take our time in Research & Development and our E-Book Products are the fruit of many long ours of Labour and Love. 

You can find Our E-books and Download them from the Home page! Any issues and send us an Email at care@instaglider.com

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