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“Experience and development makes us more advanced,

but nature is always the first inspirer”.

Instaglider Quote, 2016

Here at Instaglider we take great pride to work with naturalists, scientists, researchers and many others when developing our products and specifically when looking for natural inspirations.

All or products have achieved EU Cosmetic Compliance to ensure that the product you receive is truly something your body can trust!

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 A review on therapeutic potential of Nigella Sativa: A miracle herb

Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 2013

Anticancer Activities of Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)

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Composition and potential anticancer activities of essential oils obtained from myrrh and frankincense

Journal: Oncology Letters, 2013

Frankincense and myrrh suppress inflammation via regulation of the metabolic profiling and the MAPK signalling pathway

Publication: Scientific Reports, 2015

Assessment of viscoelasticity and hydration effect of herbal moisturizers using bioengineering techniques

Publications: Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2010

Protective effect of topically applied olive oil against photocarcinogenesis following UVB exposure

Publication: Carcinogenesis, 2000