Must-Take to ANY Barber - Prevent Skin Disease!

You may think barbershops and hair salons are a safe haven to get that sharp hair cut or beard trim. Think again. What you’ve forgotten is that barbershops are a horrible and nasty germ factory. Have you ever experienced any ailment after a visit to the barbers like a rash, redness or itchiness? Well you are not alone, millions of people around the world suffer from this and unfortunately much worse.

It’s easy to think that a simple blade change out of the pack that’s finger placed on a Shavette thats been used 1000s of times on all sorts of people does the job. Dunk it in potentially diluted methyl spirit and that would be perfect. Sadly, it’s not good enough. The shavette itself is just heaving with all sorts of dirty bacteria, fungus and viruses and that naturally transfer to the newly placed blade edge.

We advise anyone going to the barbers to make sure he has his own collection of advanced hygiene fully disposable Instaglider straight razors. Believe us when we tell you that its not worth the pain and regret. It doesn’t even take a nick by an infected Shavette to contract a disease.

The straight razor the most dangerous instrument that can transmit diseases onto and into the skin but we know its necessary.

Diseases range from Scabies, Fungal Infections, Folliculitis, Impetigo, Tinea Capitis, Barbers Itch, Barbers Dandruff, Ringworms, Warts to name a few. There are even more severe diseases like Hepatitis B, C and HIV/Aids. Take precaution to prevent this now.

Give yourself the ease of mind and stay healthy by taking your advanced hygiene disposable straight razors to the barbers. (It is law in some places in the world to use this hygienic product)

Take action now.

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You will receive a multi-pack that contains 10 individually pouched disposable straight razors.