Post Shave Oil (feminine) 35 ml

If you suffer from sensitive skin pre or post shave and want nature to organically sooth and moisturise your bikini area after shaving or just to moisturise delicate and sensitive skin instaglider post shave oil is the answer.

Naturally advanced formula using Grape Cell extract, golden Jojoba (which matches the body's natural sebum) and luxurious Royal Frankincense lend their potent botanical powers to this organic infusion to make your sensitive skin so utterly kissable.

  • Post shaving bliss: Experience the kiss of lushness on Your Skin with This soothing blend of pure nature. Not all post shave oils are created equal.
  • Skin elixir: Ultra Rich Royal Frankincense™ formula delicately moisturises and regenerates skin at the cellular level. 100% Cosmetically Certified.
  • Kissable results: Refreshing Soft Residue™ alleviates razor burn and irritation leaving sensitive skin soft and utterly kissable.
  • Iconic mini-flask: Travel friendly iconic design that is shatter & leak proof and comes with our awesome super precise dropper. A post shave oil as it should be!

Ingredients: Organic golden jojoba oil, Olive Extracts, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape seed extract, Frankincense and Tea tree Oil.

Directions: Use dropper to apply a few drops to skin daily or as needed.