The Ultimate Pubic Shaving Kit

Stop torturing yourself; the pain, the rashes, the burns, the nicks the bloody cuts. The solution is actually very simple. It's clean, smooth, painless and based on extensive practical research and testing and used by millions of people around the world. You just haven't considered it!!!

Btw: Instaglider geeks were the first to research and publish a detailed guide on this taboo subject at the time and some brands have followed suit! :) We'll share a link to the guide in the end.

So lets go through the typical methods.

1) Electrified clipping teeth are not created for uneven or sensitive skin and will cut you. Excruciating pain!

2) Dual and multi Blades keep letting the hairs gets stuck between blades! and you keep going over and over again!! We despise razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hairs!!! What a waste of time, money and pain. .

3) Aggressive diplatory creams that melt (chemically dissolve) your natural keratin proteins and also enter your body through your skin pores have long term side effects such as early aging, wrinkling and short term effects that can range from skin blisters,  and rashes to burns and carcinogenic reactions (very very very bad). 

4) Waxing is really good for removing hairs in light areas. But in high density and coarse hair areas (pubic) the pain and the bleeding from all the ripped follicular roots is excruciating torture.

Solution: Hygienic Disposable Straight Razor

Super clean, super fast and super efficient. No razor bumps, no razor burn, no pain! and No irritation! It takes some basic skill but you will never go back guaranteed. We don't know if we should thank you or you thank us :)

This bundle contains 10 disposable Advanced Hygiene Straight Razors, our extra sensitive all natural shave oil and our ultimate essential guide for shaving the pubic area.

Here is the guide we promised:

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